Controlled-Environment Farming Is The Solution

Controlled-Environment Farming Is The Solution. What’s the problem? Pick one: Climate Change; Unsustainable use of fossil fuels; Water shortages; Supply chain disruption

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Controlled-Environment Farming Is The Solution

What’s the problem? Pick one:

Climate Change

Climate change is making the weather more unpredictable, with droughts in some areas and flooding in others beyond all historical norms. In 2021 alone, 2.4 million acres of cropland were flooded in China; floods cost €10 billion in damage in Europe; and droughts cost $8.9 billion in Oregon, Washington, and California. Indoor farming mitigates the risks of catastrophic weather events by using technologies like Canobi’s to optimize the environment for each individual type of crop.

Unsustainable use of fossil fuels

The most commonly used nitrogen-based agricultural fertilizers and additives are derived from fossil fuels, which are a finite resource, and their production releases over 300 tons of pollution into the atmosphere annually in the US alone. Canobi’s monitoring and controlled dosing technology means that the plants get exactly the amount of nutrients they need and no more, which eliminates both waste and the harmful environmental effects of fertilizer run-off.

Water shortages

2.2 billion of the world’s  people don’t have reliable access to clean, fresh water, and traditional agriculture accounts for 70% of global water use. Much of it is lost to evaporation, and what isn’t lost is often contaminated by fertilizer run off. Closed-loop indoor farming applications using Canobi’s humidity monitoring and controls can reclaim up to 90% of of the water that is put into a system, drastically decreasing the total amount of water needed to grow the same amount of food.

Supply chain disruption

The last couple of years have taught us that our Global Supply Chain has many weak links. Whether it’s in a greenhouse on the roof of a grocery store to produce micro-greens, in a container on a cow pasture to grow fodder, or in converted old industrial building to supply an inner city neighbourhood with fresh produce, Canobi’s technologies are supporting local food production.

Canobi AgTech is proud to be part of the solution to these urgent problems. We’re constantly innovating and we’re ready to meet the next challenge!

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